AdSense Pro perfect CTR Theme analysis

Ok so today I am travelling to look at a new WordPress Theme that has been fashioned to make best money from Google AdSense, I was at first asked to publish a guest post by the team over at Classic CTR Themes For WordPress but preferably I decided to look at the theme and do a review myself. I think it is only fair.
So their unique Theme is the ‘Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme’ as I am sure you can gleam from the Theme name it is a Theme specially designed to make monthly revenue from Google AdSense.
We have tinged on Google AdSense a small amount of times in our posts, and that is because it can be a wonderful means to make extra income from your blog. For some men they can make a really great monthly wage.
Patrick Meninga designed a site that was earning $2000 a month from Google AdSense revenue prior he sold it. It is said that Mashable use Google AdSense as its main advertising income source, imagine how much they are getting in advertising profit.
CTR Theme Review are WordPress coders who design themes specifically for sites wanting to make money using advertising like Google AdSense that is why the name CTR Themes. CTR is shortest for Click Through Rate, the high CTR you have, the more money you will make.
There is a science to getting people to click through the adverts generating you more money, the placement of advertising campaigns, and where they are on your site can have a dramatic effect on your earnings.
What CTR-Themes do is they type WordPress themes to have the best CTR possible by positioning Ad spaces where they have the best bearing. The latest theme they have formulated is the ‘Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme’ bit of a mouthful but it does what it says.
Before it proceeded to go on regular release to the public it was offered at a very limited price to the members on the warrior forum and it was received remarkably well. I decided to do some analysis on the Warrior Forum for this Theme and spotted this post …
These themes are developed to use straight distant, there are other Themes ready that are good for AdSense but they can require some messing around with the HTML coding.
As you can see from the screenshot above, as soon as you open a post you have 4 AdSense boxes staring at you, undoubtedly the nice non-intrusive text link ads at the top aforementioned the post. Under the headline you have two visual placements and then an AdSense box to the exited in the text itself.
Google grant you to place 3 ad units per page and 3 link units per page so if you are confused thought that you can only have 3 and not 4, that is how the Theme creates you to have 4 on view.
To both sides of the text there are two AdSense cardboard boxes ideal for the Skyscraper style of advert. Most WordPress themes usually use only the one side of the post for advertising and marketing and categories etc. This Theme allows you to put ads on both sides using up what is usually wasted space.
The Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme comes AdSense optimised so as I replied before there is no playing around with depositing code into widgets and posts. You paste the code once in the boxes on the surroundings page and leave.
Hiding AdSense adverts are smoothly done at the click of a button in the Theme’s settings page, which is useful for when you are trying to get the website positioned in the search engines. Building a brand new blog and adding advertising from the start can be dangerous to the growth and success of the blog.
Before you can use the Theme fully, after installing it and triggering it you need to activate your license to use it. This is easily to do; after your purchase you will be emailed an activation key. You need to click on the WP permission tab at the left hand side under Appearance.
When you have engaged on the tab a page will open that will show whether your license is active or not, if it is not alive, which it won’t be as you have just used it, you need to click on the Manage driver’s license link.
This will take you to the page where you input your license key along with the email address contact information you used when you bought the product. Simply click on the Update License icon then you are done.
There are a very few things that can be done with The Adsense Pro Ultimate Theme in the settings area which can be discovered above the WP License tab on the left side bar in Appearance.
Click on the tab and again you will be taken to a page where you can access four further pages of alternatives.
The General settings page is where you add factors like your CSS value, your Google Analytics code, logo and other stuff.
Settings is where you changes the Meta information for your site and adding characteristics like ‘Display Author Biography below post content’ and ‘Display BreadCrumbs on all pages.’
The AdSense page is where you add your AdSense code and decide which boxes you want displaying. Simply paste your code and click the determine boxes then hit the Save Changes link and you are done.
The last of the four methods tabs is Typography where you do change the fonts on your site including the different headers and nav colours.
The value of this Theme is $69 which is roughly £45 in proper money J They are currently running a special promotion where you can get 30% off the price when you use the promotion code 1D95 which will end 11:55 PM GMT on the 28th of February, so if you are planning then act fast, and get a further $27/£18 off the full price. They offer 24/7 support with a lifetime upgrades.
For more insight and to view the Theme in action visit Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme
I put in the Theme on a test site we use to see its purpose and ease of use, I personally cannot comment on whether the CTR advances or not. I am going to install it on one of our other the correct sites shortly.


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